60 Years In The Making

Artist: Felix Burgos
Writer: Margaret Mandell


This series of paintings is dedicated to the father and uncles of Felix Burgos, as well as the other brave menof the 65th Infantry.

On April 13, 2016, President Obama presented the Congressional Gold Medal to the 65th  Infantry RegimentBorinqueneers of Puerto Rico.

It was a day filled with great pride and acknowledgement of the sacrifice and bravery the Borinqueneersdemonstrated during both World Wars and the Korean War.

But it was also an honor that was hard fought and took 60 years to attain.

The 65th Infantry was nicknamed “the Borinqueneers” after Borinquen, the original name given by the TainoIndians to Puerto Rico, meaning “land of the brave lord.”

A fitting moniker for the men of the largest, longstanding, and only active duty Latino military unit whodistinguished themselves on the field while enduring racial prejudice and segregation.  

The 65th Infantry displayed great patriotism and courage, fighting their greatest battles during the Korean War.   Under orders to take two hills being held by the Chinese below the South Korean capital of Seoul, two battalionsof the 65th Infantry fixed bayonets and charged the enemy.  After three days of intense fighting, the Chinese fled.  

In fact, the victory was so impressive, they earned high praise from General MacArthur, along with more than2,700 Purple Hearts.  

And finally, the sweetest victory of all. The Congressional Gold Medal.