Veteran: Lietenant Colonel William T. Whisner Jr.
Artist/Writer: Michael Koulermos

Lieutenant Colonel William T. Whisner Jr. served in not one, but two wars.  A Flying Ace who flew props planes in WWII And jets in Korea.

On November 21, 1944, he led a flight of P-51s on an escort mission toMersebrurg, Germany. As the bombers left their target, a large formation of enemyfighters struck.

The Commanding Officer of the 352nd Fighter Group, John C. Meyer, ordered Whisnerto take a straggler in one of the enemy’s three cover flights.

In a linked series of attacks, Whisner shot down six, count them, six FW-190s, makingthat day one of the best for any USAAF pilot in the skies over Europe.

He is one of seven pilots to achieve ace status, flying propellor planes in World War IIand jets in the Korean War.

He won the Distinguished Flying Cross 3 times for his astonishing bravery in flight.

His two-war total of 21 enemy planes destroyed in the air, 2 probables, 6 damaged, and3 destroyed on the ground, Whisner was an ace in both World War II and the Korean War.  

After the war, he settled in Loisiana with his wife Jacquetta. He died on July 21, 1989 which, of all things, was attributed to a bee sting.