Jerry Della Femina

Jerry Della Femina was once described by USA Today as "the most colorful creative guy in an industry full of colorful creative guys." So colorful that the stories comprising seven seasons of AMC's hit show "Mad Men" pale by comparison. In an interview with NPR's Scott Simon in 2010, Della Femina says it would be hard to imagine this happening today, but "in those days, at a typical lunch the bartender would be shaking the martinis as we walked in... then, as we were looking at our menu, the second martini would be served. Before the food arrived, the third martini. At that point we would have two bottles of wine to go with our food. And then invariably someone- it was never me-but someone would say, 'I don't think I'm going to have dessert, I think I'll have a double scotch instead.' And then we went off to work."

There was some great work coming out of that agency, from their first account, Squire, a company that manufactured hairpieces ("Are you still combing your memor the great comedic repartee of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. They created Joe Isuzu, the fictitious spokesman for Isuzu, made Beck's the number one imported beer from Germany and dreamed up "Scrubbing Bubbles" for Dow Bathroom Cleaner. For the ad man with hundreds of breakthrough ideas - Della Femina was inducted into The One Club Creative Hall of Fame in 2008.