Matt Koulermos

He is today’s generation of art director, with “interactive” in the title. Matt Koulermos works for David & Goliath, a Los Angeles ad agency, as a senior interactive art director, creating web and mobile content for Kia and Jack in the Box. 

Like his father, Mike Koulermos, Matt constructs arresting design and attention-grabbing copy in a way that makes the consumer pay attention. Matt has created dynamic web experiences, splash pages and social campaigns for the likes of Red Bull, Scion and American Express. He has been trained by the best: a degree in art direction from Pratt Institute, a semester at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky and a summer at The Ad Store in Parma, Italy. 

His first job was with Ogilvy & Mather in New York, a result of being one of the winners of The Big Ad Gig. yet some of his finest—and most patient—instruction came early. On Saturday mornings, the little pre-schooler and his two towheaded brothers, Zack and Nick, would scramble up into the tall ladder back chairs around the kitchen’s island and watch—mesmerized—as Dad showed them how to draw a horse. Or Batman. Mickey Mouse! Scary creatures! The art lessons continued through adolescence. During one trip to Italy, the three boys, sketch books and pencils in hand, were given special permission by the guards at the Galleria dell’ Accademia to sit quietly and draw The David.  Dad looked on, beaming. 

Just as many of the great creatives in advertising readily admit, competition is a key ingredient, against others, against self. When not dreaming up the next big idea, Matt goes the distance physically. He has turned in strong finishes at the Louisville Ironman and the Boston Marathon, and competes regularly in triathlons throughout California.