Tony Woolner

Tony Woolner is a professional architect, who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with honors, and did his graduate work in architecture at Harvard. 

He has won many awards for his contemporary home designs, that have been featured in Architectural Digest, World Residential Designs,  Architecture Plus, The New York Times, Casa Vogue, Architects Own Houses of the World, and Houses Architects Live In. 

Tony currently lives in the house he designed and built in 1972 in North Salem New York, that was featured on the cover of House Beautiful called “People Who Live in Glass Houses”. Marshall Brickman's film “Simon” starring Alan Arkin and Madeline Kahn was shot in this house. 

If Tony is not flying his Piper Cherokee Warrior to Block Island or Martha’s Vineyard, he is in his art studio making monoprints. As an artist Tony has received many awards for his very original monoprint technique which has evolved  over the years using a blend of eclectic mediums to achieve unique results. 

Tony and his wife, Gayle Gleckler, “travel with a purpose” to photograph exotic locations and then transform them into art. Their art show collections include: In Plane View, Happy Chinese New Year, Out of Africa, and Visions from Southeast Asia. 

In September 2016 they showcased, Gayle and Tony’s Travels. 

Come December 2016 they will present “Perusing Peru” at the Rockwell Art Gallery in Ridgefield, CT.