Veteran: Lou Bressi
Artist: Ron Travisano  
Writer: Jerry Della Femina

The hitter steps into the batter’s box… Bressie looks in to the catcher… He winds up… He pitches…. Stop.

Imagine pain. Excruciating pain. This is not a pitcher with a sore arm or a blister on his finger.

A major league pitcher throws a ball an average of 135 times during a game.

Lew Bressie felt unimaginable pain 135 times with every pitch. The pain not in his arm but in his leg.

 Lou Bressie had a mangled leg that should have been amputated on the battlefield in Italy when 170mm German artillery shell exploded shattering his left tibia and shinbone and nearly killed him. He was left for dead in the snow and mud of the Apennines in Italy.

The doctors decided to amputate his leg… “You can’t amputate. I’m a ballplayer. You’ve got to find another way!” – Bressie begged the doctors.

They listened.

Lou Bressie became a major league pitcher with the Philadelphia As and the Cleveland Indians.

He won 45 games in his career and played in the All-Star game.

There have been better pitchers than Lou Bressie in the history of baseball but there was never anyone as brave.