The Fallen Soldier 

Artist: Tony Woolner
Writer: Gayle Gleckler


One cannot help but be touched, moved and inspired by looking at this image. It’s heartbreaking to see a soldier grieving for his fallen comrade, and his friend who fought side by side with him in combat.

This is an Afghanistan soldier, but the same losses extend throughout our history in The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War and The Vietnam War.

We have seen many movies about our American soldiers who sacrificed so much in every conflict, but how can we possibly imagine the terror, experiences and selfless bravery they endured in every war throughout our American history?

We cannot imagine walking in their boots, but what we can do is honor them and hold them in our hearts and souls forever.

This poem by Patricia North expresses their feelings so beautifully.


Don’t weep for me

‘O land of the free

When it was my time to fall 

’twas for my country’s call

’twas for the land that I loved

That I gave my all 

And for the land that I loved 

I did freely give,

And in her freedom

and her courage 

I’ll continue to live.