Artist: Joe Chierchio
Writer: Robert Schulman 


As wars fade from memory. 

As new generations find new heroes. 

Special Days like Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day, matter more than ever. 

It’s a grateful Nation’s way of thanking the men and women who have put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms. 

But it shouldn’t stop there. 

We all know people that have served our country. And, after the parades are over, after the ceremonies are done for another year, we can still take the time to listen to their stories, and applaud their courage. We can pass their stories on; we can also tell the stories of those that are no longer able to speak for themselves and keep their spirit alive. And to a man or woman wearing the uniform we can simply say “Thank you for your service.” No matter what, we should never take the sacrifices of our veterans for granted and the cost of our freedom. It is more than just the right thing to do. 

It is our duty.