Artist: Geoff Barby
Writer: Gayle Gleckler


For so long I struggled to not only understand the changes in me and my mind but to put them into words. 
I always wondered why so many people that seemed so close to me before war seemed so distant afterwards. 
Why I felt more comfortable and relaxed around veterans and my military family then civilian family and friends. 
I find my struggle for acceptance brotherhood and that over all camaraderie and undying loyalty in the civilian consumes me to the point Im overwhelmed, on my own, and backed into a corner. 

Everyone of us knows what happens when we are backed into that corner, all rationality all reason all thoughts seem to disappear and training reflex and reaction happen the need to “adapt and overcome” and the need to “neutralize eliminate and move on” take over to us thats normal to others thats taking shit to the extreme idk what to do anymore all I know is the warrior in me will not let suicide be an option. 

My training and experiences make it to where I will live on my feet before I die on my knees I will not fear the shadow in the valley of death for I am that shadow.