Artist: Joe Chierco
Writer: Michael Koulermos


In 1943, the Allies make progress driving back the Axis powers in Italy. The American President Harry Truman realizes that victory will have little meaning if the artistic treasures of Western civilization are lost in the fighting. A seven-man Army unit is created and nicknamed the "Monuments Men," comprising of museum directors, curators, art historians, and an architect to search for stolen art.

Curators in occupied France, are forced to assist the Nazis to steal art, as It also learns that it must now also protect the treasures against the Soviet Union, which is seizing artwork as war reparations. Eventually, the team has some success, as it discovers at least one mine hiding over 16,000 art pieces. In addition, the team captures the entire gold reserves of the Nazi German national treasury.

Finally, the team finds a mine in Austria. It appears to have been demolished. However, the team discovers that the entrances were blocked by the locals in order to prevent the Nazis from destroying the contents. 

The team evacuates as much artwork as possible from the tunnel before the Soviets arrive to take control of what is to become part of the Soviet zone of occupation.

The team reports back to President Truman that they have recovered vast quantities of artwork and various other culturally significant items. 

Truman wonders if the Monument Men’s efforts to recover the stolen art was worth the lives of the men they lost.