SEAled With A Kiss

Artist: Michael Koulermos
Writer: Bob Shulman

V-J Day, August 14, 1945.

An unabashed sailor, making the rounds, was kissing every woman in sight. 

And then… there she was.

A nurse clad in white who had perhaps similar ideas.

Fortuitously, Alfred Eisenstaedt was there too with his Leica Illa rangefinder and turned at just the right moment.

The stars had aligned at precisely 5:51 EST.

Just south of 45th street.

Times Square, USA.

Amid all the images of a nation celebrating, this spontaneous image, included in a 12-page section called “Victory Celebrations” in Life magazine, had hit home.

It seemed to say; it was okay to go slightly nuts.

Okay, maybe more than just slightly.

If one image was worth a thousand words, this was it.

Soon we would reflect on the sobering realization of the sacrifice this “Greatest of Generations” paid.  

But now, a Nation could finally exhale.