Shell ShockED

ArtistTony Woolner
Writer: Gayle Gleckler


Blinded by the blast.
Ears ringing deaf from the explosion.

What is this? An intensive bombardment like I never known or seen. 

No one ever spoke of this. My senses going senseless. My fear unexpected and huge.

Seeing my fellow warriors blown to kingdom come has left me frozen in a fetal position.

I am helpless. I am panicked. I want to hold my wife. I want my mother to hold me.

I do this for my country. I do this for our freedom.
But now I am not free from my own mind.

- Poem by Josiah Decker

The horrors in store when men to go to war
Will break the fragile hearts of men.
When those men come home to kiss and hug their wives and kids,
They won't be the same.

Their eyes have seen the death and destruction that war leaves in its path,
These men will never be the same.

They are shell shocked,
Forced to repeat those horrors again and again.
They are shell shocked,
War tears out the hearts of men.

He is shell shocked,
He is paying for his country pride.
He is shell shocked,
War tore the heart out of that man.

By December 1914, 10% of officers in WWI had shell shock which is now known as PTSD.
Today 10 to 20% of veterans in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD.

God bless America and all those shell shocked heroes who protected our freedom before they protected themselves. We profoundly thank you everyday.