Artist: Geoff Barbey
Writer: Gayle Gleckler

I always wonder why so many people who I seemed so close to me before the war seem so distant afterwards.

Why do I feel more at home around veterans and my fellow soldiers than my family and friends at home?

As a very young man, fighting in the War, I struggle to find acceptance into this new kind of brotherhood.

All the comradeship I feel and my undying loyalty to our war for freedom consumes me.

I’m become overwhelmed, somehow left on my own on the battlefield. I’m lost. Alone. Where are my brothers now?
My adrenaline spikes, thank god.

And belief in this great war of ours to preserve everything we hold dear is omnipresent.

All rationality, and reason disappear. Training, reflex and reaction kick into high gear.

My sargeant's words vibrate in my ears, “Adapt and overcome. Neutralize, eliminateand move on.”

I’m on automatic. Survival. Deep within me the warrior takes over.

I will live on my feet before I die on my knees.

I will not fear the shadow in the valley of death, for I am that shadow.