Uncle Sam Blows Taps

ArtistLarry Aarons
WriterBob Schulman

The Immortal 3,497.

The guns are silent now. 

The battlefields of American history remember them all, and so do we. Because in that split second, when heroes are made, they didn't think of themselves. What was their life if they could save a dozen others? 

These are the brave souls that we pay tribute to on special days with a special taps at dusk. 

And these unspoken words written for the mournful melody. 

“Day is done, Gone the sun,
From the lake, From the hill,
From the sky.
All is well, Safely rest.” 

Over 57 million have served our country in both war and peace and we celebrate them all. 

But the Congressional Medal of Honor, this Nations highest award for valor, introduced during the Civil War, has been awarded to only 3,497. 

Their feats are mythic. Beyond the ken of mere mortals. 

We invite you to visit www.cmog.org and read about their selfless courage, inspiring stories, in the face of certain death, and share a tear or two with your Uncle.