Artist / Writer: Camille McMennamin

Vietnam Soldier.
War is noise. Blood. Fury. Fumes. 
A grotesque fight to the death between human beings.
Imagine the 18 year-old soldier in Vietnam.
Gathering courage inside a foxhole.
Batting mosquitos. Thinking of home. Praying.
Conjuring up the sub-human drive to kill.
To debilitate and destroy. 
To defend one’s life with weapons.
Sadly, sometimes only with bare fists.
War can be ugly, desperate, feral.
An insane struggle for power.
Over what?
Water? Land? Religion? Politics?
It is a fight that is often mindlessly futile.
Robbing our families of fathers.
Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, daughters and sons.
It is heartbreak that cannot be justified.
Or can it?
Suppose one life sacrificed saves thousands?
Yes, countries may cheer. 
But when that one life belongs to that one human being we cannot imagine living without?
War is pure, ungodly, unbearable hell.